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Alizmah Alfred
Here we have a very special boy! Alfred has been coming to stay with us for holidays at Alizmah Cattery for many, many years.
Alfred belongs to Jenny & Brian Young of Sandy Bay.

Alizmah Finnigan (White - Gold Eyes)
Finnigan is owned by Matthew Mahoney of Lenah Valley

CCCA Ruby Triple Grand Champion Gold Grand Premier Neuter Alizmah Snow Storm Bronze ACF A of E UAM - CCCT Group 3 Neuter of the Year 2010 (White - blue eyed)
Harpo is owned by Cheryl Slade of Hobart

Alizmah Memphis (White) & Alizmah Cairo (White)
Memphis & Cairo are both owned by Jerry Red of Hobart

Alizmah Quinn (Black Bi-Colour)
Quinn is owned by Kylie Doherty of Launceston

Alizmah Yoda (Seal Point Bi-Colour)
Yoda is owned by Della Roberts & family of Lindisfarne

Alizmah Obsideon Shangri-La (Seal Point Bi-Colour).
Dante is owned by Raven Sheriden of Bridgewater.

Grand Champion Alizmah Ralph Lauren (Black Bi-Colour)
We are seen here along with Dr Harry & Janine Cooper after Ralph won Best in Show
Ralph is owned by Louise of Hobart


Alizmah Keith - (Seal Point Bi-Colour)
Keith is owned by Georgia of Hampton, Victoria

Alizmah Lush (Black Smoke Bi-Colour)
Lush is owned by Leah Simper from Newman, Western Australia

Alizmah Pepe - Blue Bi-Colour
This stunning little boy who is actually white with perfect blue spots is owned
by Jess & George Harper of Hobart

Alizmah Harry Farley (Black Bi-Colour)
Harry is owned by Tracy Farley of New Norfolk

Alizmah Chester (Black Bi-Colour)
Chester is owned by Tracy Farley of New Norfolk

Alizmah Evanstar (Black Bi-Colour) & Alizmah Leonardo diCatrio (Seal Mink)
Evie & Leo are owned by Kelly Richter of Mernda, Victoria

Alizmah Souki - Blue Eyed White
Souki is owned by Joanne Kerridge of Anstead, Queensland

Alizmah Adelie (Black Bi-Colour)
Adelie is owned by Lee & Roger Burman of Sandford

Alizmah Marvin (Seal Point Bi-Colour)
Marvin is owned by Melissa Stone & Glenn Horne of West Hobart

English & Australian Champion
Alizmah Livingstone
Livingstone is owned by Este & Gerhard Retief
of   Norwich, Great Britain.
* Congratulations to Este and her family on Livingstone winning Best Overall Exhibit at the recent Rex Club Show in England in May 2009*

Alizmah Albi (White - Gold Eyes)
Albi is owned by Lisa Hare from Elanora Heights, NSW

Alizmah Stanley - White
Stanley is pictured with his friend Bruce.
He is owned by Karen Mercer of Devonport

Alizmah Tootsie (Black Bi-Colour)
Tootsie is owned by Molly Gerke of Lindisfarne

Alizmah Bluebelle (White - Blue Eyes)
Bluebelle is owned by Dana Gerke of Lindisfarne

Alizmah Ice Chrystal (White, Green Eyes)
Chrystal is owned by Dana Gerke of Lindisfarne.

Alizmah Marc Antony (Seal Point Bi-Colour) &
Alizmah Cleopatra (Chocolate)
Marc Antony & Cleopatra are owned by Jan & Ralph McGinly of Hobart

Alizmah Marc Antony (Seal Point Bi-Colour)
Marc Antony is owned by Jan & Ralph McGinly of Hobart

Alizmah Maxine (Seal Point)
Maxine is owned by Leanne Preece of Lindisfarne

Alizmah Charlie (Seal Point Bi-Colour)
Charlie's owner is Leanne Preece of Lindisfarne

Alizmah Zen (Chocolate Smoke)
Zen is owned by Erin Rothville of Ferntree Gully, Vic

Alizmah Callie (Seal Point Bi-Colour)
Callie is owned by Rachael Kean of Montague Bay

Alizmah Sub Zero (Blue Eyed White)
"At Sydney Airport, waiting to come home"
Subbie is owned by Casper Wykes of Beaconsfield

Alizmah Wilbur (Chocolate)
Wilbur is owned by Sue Tindale from Katanning, W.A.

Alizmah Making Waves (Black Smoke) & Alizmah Dressed in Silk (Seal Point)
Heather & Silk are owned by Ian Dunk of Glendonbrook, NSW

Alizmah Tom (Black Bi-Colour) and Alizmah Chloe (Seal Point Bi-Colour).
Tom & Chloe are owned by Jackie, Tony, Julius & Lucien Patiniotis of Sandy Bay.

Alizmah Princess Ruby (Black Bi-Colour)
Ruby is owned by Sonia Purdon of New Norfolk

Alizmah Harry - (Red)
12 year old Harry is owned by Christie Mahoney of Glebe

Alizmah A Touch of Gold (Black Smoke)
Minnie is owned by Christie Mahoney of Glebe

Alizmah Marcel - Black Smoke
Marcel is owned by Tamara Bell of Wallan, Victoria

Alizmah Shoen Madison (Seal Point)
Madison is owned by Samantha Presland of Burnside Heights, Vic

Alizmah Cooper (Seal Mink)
Cooper is owned by Felisia Green of Beaconsfield, Tasmania.

Alizmah Starman (Seal Point Bi-Colour)
Joey is owned by Louella Raines From Osmaston, Tas

Alizmah Blue Prince (Blue Bi-Colour)
Prince is owned by Kylie Krause of New Norfolk

Alizmah Ablet - (Black Bi-Colour)
Ablet is owned by Anna & Daniel Cornish of Sorell

Alizmah Pastie & Alizmah Ripley
Owned by Brooke Luscombe of Launceston.

Alizmah Zagami - (Red Point)
Stuart is owned by Brenda Giles of Riverside, Tasmania

Alizmah A Touch of Mink - (Brown Smoke)
Olivia is owned by Julie O'Brien of Lenah Valley

Alizmah Cleo - Lilac Point Bicolour
Cleo is owned by Karen Demangone of Battery Point

Alizmah Ghost Rider (Blue Eyed White)
Chilli is owned by Danna Lingard of Sydney

Alizmah Isis - Black Smoke
Isis is owned by Roxana & Damien Jones of Fern Tree

Alizmah Harmony - Black Smoke
Harmony is owned by Fiona & Graeme Jones of Blackmans Bay

Alizmah Dr Theopolis (Seal Point Bi-Colour)
Theo is owned by Nathan Wildman of St Kilda, Vic

Alizmah Chantel (Black Smoke)
Chantel is owned by Pam of Melbourne

Alizmah Natasha (Chocolate Point)
Natasha is owned by Pam of Melbourne

Alizmah Snow Drift (Blue Eyed White) & Alizmah Snow Monkey (Blue Eyed White).
Otis & Felix are owned by Sonja & George Wawrzyniak of Burswood, Perth, W.A.

Alizmah India (Seal Point Bi-Colour)
India belongs to Emily, Tim, Isabelle & Hamish Howes of Mt Martha, Victoria

Alizmah Soulful Samurai (Seal Point Bi-colour)
Seraph is owned by Sarah-Louise Goodman & Jamie John Vinci of Leda, Western Australia

Alizmah He's A Cracker (Seal Point) and Alizmah Syesha Ashinta (Seal Mink)
Ash & Cracker are owned by Andrew Benson from Foxton, New Zealand

Alizmah Hobart Rex (Lilac Bi-Colour)
Bart is seen here with his Devon Rex friend and twins Mace & Kell
Bart is owned by Jenny, Paul, Mace & Kell Bibby of St Arnaud, Victoria

Alizmah Mr Curly (Seal Mink Bi-Colour)
Curly is owned by Kim Bonner from Cremorne, NSW

Alizmah Octavian (Black Smoke Bi-Colour) & Alizmah Charlemange (Seal Mink).
Charlie & Tovey are owned by Jessica Beaumont of Burnie, Tasmania.

Alizmah Leonardo (Cream)
Leo is owned by the Smith Family of Launceston

Alizmah Snow Drift (Blue Eyed White).
Otis is owned by Sonja & George Wawrzyniak from Burswood, Perth, Western Australia

Alizmah I Ate My Crusts (Seal Point)
Sienna is owned by Laura Bunbury of Lane Cove, NSW.
*Congratulations to Laura on Siena winning Best Group 3 Spey  at the 2009 Royal Sydney Easter Show.*

Alizmah Chocolat (Chocolate)
Winnie is owned by Nicole Lane & Alex White of West Hobart

Alizmah Marchello (Black Bi-Colour)
Marchello is owned by Rachel Hughes, Josh Geard & Tayla of Hobart

Alizmah Henry (Seal Point Bi-Colour)

Alizmah Sienna Jeges (Seal Point Bi-Colour)
Sienna is owned by Rob & Griet Jeges of Parkville, Victoria

Alizmah Kendi (Seal Point)
Kendi is owned by Jessica Davies of West Hobart

Alizmah Origami - (White - odd eyed)
Origami is owned by Tai Dillon of Kingston

Alizmah Tazzie (Seal Point) and Alizmah Lucy (Blue Bi-Colour)
Tazzie & Lucy are owned by Mandy Radionoff from
Burleigh Waters, Gold Coast, Queensland

Alizmah Sooty (Seal Mink)
Sooty is owned by Debbie Vines of Seven Mile Beach

Alizmah Snowflake (Blue Eyed White)
Trinity is owned by Debbie Vines of Seven Mile Beach

Alizmah Flynn  (Red Mackeral Tabby)
Winning Best Group 3 Kitten at the Royal Hobart Show with Judge the Late Lloyd Cherry
Flynn is owned by Dean Quinlivean of Acton Park

Pandora. Morpheus, Lestat & Trinity.
All belong to Raven Sheridan of Hobart

Pandora, Morpheus, Lestat & Trinity.
All belong to Raven Sheridan of Hobart

Lestat & Trinity.
Owned by Raven Sheridan of Hobart.

Alizmah Tiramisu (Chocolate Bi Colour).
Miley is owned by Nicole Lane of Hobart.

Alizmah Miel & Alizmah Coco Chanel
Miel & Coco are owned by Sonia Nelson of Hobart

Alizmah Stella rex(Black Smoke)
Owned by Rachal, Phoebe and Thomas Gosnell of New Town

Alizmah Chocolate Eclair (Chocolate and White Van).
Vanessa is owned by Liz Sheppard of Melbourne.

Alizmah Jessica (Black Bi Colour).
Owned by Liz Sheppard of Melbourne.

Alizmah Snow Shoes
Owned by Kathy Taylor of Penguin, Tasmania

Alizmah Blue Flyer
Bluey is owned by Rita Jenkins of Shepparton, Victoria

Maurice is owned by Emily Breen of Sydney, NSW

Alizmah Amelie
Amelie is owned by Christine Hamann of Melbourne

Alizmah Beatrice - Black
Beatrice is owned by Chris & Conrad Hamann of Melbourne

Alizmah Toblerone
Tobie is owned by Laura Leone & family from Hunters Hill, NSW

Alizmah Henry (Seal Mink)
Henry is owned by Oliver Bligh, Cooma, Snowy Mountains, NSW

Premier Neuter Alizmah Xavier
Golly is owned by John & Pat Voss of Austins Ferry.

Double Grand Premier Neuter Alizmah Georgio Armani
Georgie is owned by the Maloney Family of Battery Point.

Double Grand Premier Neuter Alizmah Adriana
Lu Lu is owned by Sasha Stephens of Hobart.

Alizmah Rip Van Wrinkle
Doodles is owned by Rita Fry of Smithton.

Double Grand Premier Neuter Alizmah Harrison Vincent
Harrison is owned by Rachael Kean from Austins Ferry.

Alizmah Scorpio
Scorpio is owned by the Smith family of Launceston.

Alizmah Zanna (Chocolate).
Zanna is owned by Meg of Ballarat, Victoria.

Alizmah Blossom
Owned by Deb & Belinda of Lindisfarne

Alizmah Lily. (Seal Mink).
Owned by Deb & Belinda of Lindisfarne.

Alizmah Dark Intruder (Black Smoke).
Alfie is owned by Ben & Sarah Davidson of Lenah Valley.

Alizmah Halo (Lilac Bi Colour)
Halo is owned by Raven Sheridan of Hobart.

Alizmah Piccolo (Black Bi-Colour)
Piccolo is owned by Belladonna Gleeson of Collins Cap, Tasmania

Alizmah Hayle & Snow (Odd Eyed White)
Snow is owned by Belladonna Gleeson of Collins Cap, Tasmania

Alizmah I'm A Bit Special (Black Smoke) & Alzimah Ice Breaker (White)
These two beautiful boys are owned by Rose Tierney, Katunga, Victoria

Alizmah Siena Bella (Seal Mink).
Siena is owned by Daniele Chamley from South Gippsland,Victoria



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